Settling for Gold

When running the race of entrepreneurship, don’t settle for the top ten. Don’t even settle for silver; settle for gold. And as the Olympics in London start this Friday, we are going
to focus on just what it means to have a company that earns a gold medal.

When running a small business, we are usually short on cash. We can’t afford to hire a huge staff, and we end up do a lot of the work ourselves. Fortunately, there are many
do-it-yourself software applications or services available.

Unfortunately, there are many do-it-yourself software applications or services available.

Experience Design: Web 2.0

After many years of stale websites, the internet grew, and social media sites started popping up like MySpace and Friendster. Internet was no longer just a way to find information, it was a way for teenagers to connect with friends. However, besides the entertainment industry, businesses didn’t really look to monopolize on the social aspect.

Yet Facebook came along and was somehow able to get even adults interested in spending large amounts of time simply looking to see what their friends were doing.

This piqued businesses’ attention, and ushered in the “Web 2.0” craze. Now, instead of throwing their information into their own website, they could give their fans a voice and monopolize on controlling the most effective method of advertising: word of mouth.

But while many businesses got on Facebook and Twitter, and many businesses continue to jump on this bandwagon, there are some critical flaws with this