Word of Mouth

The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Most of the time, people do not buy a product or service unless they have been told by family or friends how good the product or service really is.

The problem with posters, flyers, and commercials is that people feel like they are just getting “shouted” at. The company attempts to create something that the customer wants, and is sometimes successful and sometimes not. And when it isn’t, the customer starts believing that the company is all about making money, and doesn’t care about what the customer has to say.

Enter social media. Social media is just a new form of the old concept: talking to other people… word of mouth. The difference is, now businesses can listen to what people are saying about them.

Culture of Twitter

Texting has become a more common use for a cell phone than actually making calls. Rather than leaving a message, it can be better to send a text message. With so much information at our fingertips, and while living in a busy world, “sound-bytes” may be all we have time for.

Twitter is excellent for delivering “short and sweet” messages to the public. Gaining followers and replying to “tweets” is faster and can be more effective than other social media sites.


Twitter hasn’t had near as many problems recently, but as Twitter was in its biggest growth it was known for the “fail whale.” Their servers could not handle the amount of traffic streaming through their site. They may have this under control now, but one more service outage and Twitter may die.

Twitter doesn’t display posts in a hierarchy, but by relationships. Someone could post something about you and you don’t realize it because they didn’t tag you, or spelled your company name wrong. You may think you have responded to someone’s most recent post, but you haven’t.

Twitter doesn’t have profiles, just feeds.

Twitter needs a new post at least 5 times daily, which can be tedious and tiring. However, we can help with this.