Word of Mouth

The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Most of the time, people do not buy a product or service unless they have been told by family or friends how good the product or service really is.

The problem with posters, flyers, and commercials is that people feel like they are just getting “shouted” at. The company attempts to create something that the customer wants, and is sometimes successful and sometimes not. And when it isn’t, the customer starts believing that the company is all about making money, and doesn’t care about what the customer has to say.

Enter social media. Social media is just a new form of the old concept: talking to other people… word of mouth. The difference is, now businesses can listen to what people are saying about them.

Culture of Facebook

Facebook is the number one social network today, and chances are that many of your current or future customers are on Facebook. Also, your Facebook Business Page shows up in Google Search Results. The popularity of your Facebook profile may bring more viewers to your website.

Facebook has a hierarchal comment structure, which allows you to easily have conversations and engage with your customers or prospects. “Pictures speak a thousand words” and Facebook allows for images and videos to be used in many different ways. A Facebook Business Page can have multiple administrators, so you can delegate management to employees while still maintaining control.


Social media management can be time-consuming and Facebook is no different. Your time and your employee’s time is valuable, and sometimes efficiency goes down when adding social media to the mix. This is why outsourcing social media management to a company like Star Verte can be quite beneficial.

Although many people are on Facebook, some markets aren’t. Even if they are, they may not be looking for your products or services. Don’t know if they are or not? Don’t know how to start up these conversations? We can help.

Facebook needs, at a minimum, one new post a day. If you can’t keep up with generating this amount of content, it may be time to allow a company like Star Verte generate content for you.