Security Advisory

As part of an ongoing commitment to our customers, security is a major priority. Maintaining your site is of utmost concern when it comes to security. We take great care to make sure plugins and themes are updated and upgraded often to prevent hackers from exploiting weak code. We also backup files on a regular basis and store the backups in a secure location. While this helps to ensure the safety of your site there are some general security procedures that we use and recommend for our customers to practice as well.

Experience Design: It just works

At Star Verte LLC, we believe that the “Web 2.0” and “responsive design” trends were steps in the right direction, but failed to see the bigger picture. While we live in
the “information age” and the internet has libraries of information, it’s purpose is different and is still being defined.

Experience Design: Mobile

While social media continued on the rise, businesses started to realize the importance of interaction and two-way communication. Apps and games became available on smartphones, and now people navigate online using their phone.

The concept of “responsive design” came out not too long ago… the idea of taking a website and shrinking it down to a smaller screen. But this creates problems as well

Experience Design: Web 2.0

After many years of stale websites, the internet grew, and social media sites started popping up like MySpace and Friendster. Internet was no longer just a way to find information, it was a way for teenagers to connect with friends. However, besides the entertainment industry, businesses didn’t really look to monopolize on the social aspect.

Yet Facebook came along and was somehow able to get even adults interested in spending large amounts of time simply looking to see what their friends were doing.

This piqued businesses’ attention, and ushered in the “Web 2.0” craze. Now, instead of throwing their information into their own website, they could give their fans a voice and monopolize on controlling the most effective method of advertising: word of mouth.

But while many businesses got on Facebook and Twitter, and many businesses continue to jump on this bandwagon, there are some critical flaws with this

Experience Design: Websites Before Social Media

When internet became a household item, businesses jumped into the arena, and everyone wanted to have their own website. Businesses took their business cards, brochures, and other print media and threw it online.

The conception was that people are looking for information and want to be able to find it online. This created some major issues

Project Sparks: What’s next for content management

Content Management is key for any website, which allows the healthiest relationship between a website developer and a website content curator. Currently, Star Verte LLC pushes building sites on WordPress, which is a robust content management system that has a sleek, user-friendly interface. Unfortunately, while it is a great foundation, it doesn’t have it all.


In a world where we are bombarded with information, people are drawn to read and look at things that are simple. Need to get a message out to people? Try the following.

  • If you can say a paragraph in 1-2 sentences, put it 1-2 sentences.
  • If you can take something in sentence form and move it to bullets or list-format, use bullets or a list.
  • If you can deliver a message graphically or through imagery, use graphics.

Use this in all your communications, and you may see more people receiving your messages.

Building Margin into Design

Yesterday, the pastor at LifePointe Church continued his sermon series Unloading Your Overloaded Life with a message about Building Margin into your life. It is so easy to fill your schedule with a bunch of to-dos, and forget to make time for yourself. But we have to intentionally build margin, a time of pause and reflection, into our life.

In the same way, we must intentionally build margin into design.