Define your Brand

Branding is essential to every business. It’s not just a logo. It’s not just the business cards. It’s everything. It includes everything from the name of your business to the color scheme to the words that best describe your business. In short, it answers the “who” as in “Who are you?”


The identity of a business is the logo paired with the brand name. In some situations, the logo and the identity may be one and the same.


Color can define your target market, invoke an emotion, and turn blah into fantastic. But a color scheme takes great energy, time, and experience to be done well. Learn more.

Internal Docs

It is important to extend your brand to business cards and letterhead. But what about those break-room signs? Or the employee handbook? Your brand should be highly visible everywhere.

Print Media

If you print something, its print media. If you print something to be given to someone who doesn’t work for your company, it better look professional and match your brand. Learn more.