Learn more about Pricing

When developing our current pricing strategy we looked at two different models: hourly rate models and flat-fee models. We also wanted to involve the client in the process, as communication is key in a designer-client relationship. So, we ended up incorporating both of the pricing models.

For most services, the client will be charged $30 an hour. This does not include printing costs, domain registration, and website hosting fees which may or may not be incurred by the client.

However, we encourage our designers to work efficiently and with each project we are getting faster at completing services that previously took more time. We want to reward efficiency, speed, and quality, and so we charge a minimum fee of $250 for some of our services. The exceptions are below:

Content Creation

$0.20/word, minimum of $50

Content Editing

$0.10/word, minimum of $25

Domains and Hosting*

Domains start at $15/yr, hosting starts at $25/yr

Social Media Profile Setup

$30 flat-fee

Social Media Comment Moderation
$30/hr, minimum of $120 a month

*Our CMS packages include hosting along with one free domain.