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Late Payment Policy

The spirit of this policy is to encourage open communication between the client and Star Verte LLC.
Special arrangements can be made to avoid these fees, and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If payment is not made before the due date listed in the provided invoice, a fee of ten percent (10%) and no less than fifteen dollars ($15.00) of the amount due will be levied and assessed on the next invoice and subsequent 30-day periods. After 90 days of nonpayment, services will be terminated until payment is made and Star Verte LLC may involve a debt collection agency if necessary.

Prepayment Policy

This policy is in place to encourage communication between the client and the designer. If this initial amount
is too much for a client, we are happy to consider negotiating.

Sometimes it is difficult to collect payment from our clients, and sometimes we spend valuable time on projects
and then the client is unable to afford the final product. To avoid this, we ask for an initial payment before any work
is done. This initial payment is generally twenty-five percent (25%) of the budget amount or five-hundred dollars ($500), whichever is less.

Speculative Work Policy

Speculative work projects occur when the client asks the designer to provide design concepts prior to initiating
a contract or payment in advance. The most common forms of this include design contests and clients who propose designs from several different designers and then select which graphic designer to move forward with based
on the work provided.

This process is disadvantageous both to the designer and the client. For the designer, this can lead to an unnecessary waste of time and resources. It also fails to consider the importance of developing a positive relationship
between the designer and client. Instead, a client should consult portfolios and references when determining
which designer to go with, and then work on forming a long-term positive relationship with the selected designer.