About Us

Star Verte LLC is a software development company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was founded by Matthew Beall.

We began under the name miLogos in January 2008, but soon concluded that the name was too specific for the grand scope of our budding company.

We re-launched business under the new name Star Verte LLC on June 1, 2010. We continue to provide local businesses with premium service, and will continue to make an impact in our community.

Star Verte LLC is known for:

  • Producing unique designs that reflect your business image
    From sleek and professional to warm and welcoming, Star Verte has the artistic talent and design expertise to bring your custom, coordinated look to life. 
  • Expertise in social media and business networking
    Once your website is up and running, we won’t just leave you there to sputter and potentially drown. Star Verte LLC is an expert at riding the waves of social media. Learn more 
  • Affordable rates
    We pride ourselves on offering our high-quality services at affordable prices. You never have to worry about breaking your marketing budget with Star Verte LLC. Learn more 
  • Timely production
    Have a deadline for your launch? We understand deadlines to mean “cross this line and you’re dead.” Needless to say, punctuality is a priority. 
  • Compassionate business services
    Star Verte LLC understands that launching a new look can equal stress and very little sleep. We strive to make the process effortless on your part, so that you can stay focused on what you love. 
  • Flexibility
    Don’t like what you see? Want to change something? Let our design team know. We believe you have the right to be picky with your brand. Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority.