You may or may not have heard that the floodgates are opening this year with new TLDs, or domain extensions, becoming available. First, let’s break down what exactly this means.

Right now, if you want to visit a website, like ours, you would enter:

www.starverte.com and it takes you to our site. The .com is a TLD. Other current TLDs include:


This year, many extensions will become available. Here are just a few of the TLDs we are keeping an eye on:


For a more complete list, check out http://www.enomcentral.com/tlds/newtlds.aspx.

It is important to note that the sale for these extensions will go fast, so it is important to buy early. However, adoption by users will take time.

For example, if we want to buy the domain http://graphic.design, we better buy it quick before someone else takes it. However, we won’t start using it until the general public is used to the concept. This may not be for a couple of years, after big companies like Apple (.apple) and Coca-Cola (.coke) have used it enough that people are familiar with it.

If we tell people to go to our website at graphic.design before then, many people will type in www.graphic.design.com which won’t take them to our site. However, if we wait until people are familiar with it, graphic.design won’t be available anymore.

What domain extensions are you watching?

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