Award Winning Online Ad Campaigns

When running the race of entrepreneurship, don’t settle for the top ten. Don’t even settle for silver; settle for gold. And in lieu of the Olympics in London, we are going
to focus on just what it means to have a company that earns a gold medal.

Advertising used to consist of running a TV ad or an ad in the newspaper.
Now there are so many opportunities available with online advertising. But with all these opportunities, still make sure you extend your brand with consistency in:

  • Voice
    Whether it is slick, direct, friendly, or professional, use your voice when composing a text ad or writing the script for a video ad.
  • Imagery
    Take the common themes, graphics, and photography that complement the logo, content
    in your print media, and your website and extend it to the advertising. With advertisements, you only have user’s attention for a few seconds, if you are lucky. So communicate
    through graphics that stand out.
  • Color
    Implement your color palette or scheme into your ads. But make sure that it will stand out against other ads and any content that it might be displayed with.

When developing an online ad campaign, also think about:

  • Landing Page
    Don’t just forward them to the home page of your website. Have them land right
    where you want them, but also where they would expect to land based on the content
    of the ad.
  • Measure and Adapt
    Although it can be easy to just hit “Go,” make sure you are able to keep track of which ads
    and keywords fare better than others. At the minimum, check how things are going
    once a week. Remove ads and keywords that aren’t doing well, and add more ads
    and keywords that should be more successful.
  • Don’t Isolate
    When it comes to advertising, many people focus on ROI (return on investment).
    However, be careful with this because often times it is not black and white. Don’t look
    at your online ad campaign without looking at traffic on your website as well.
    Whether you pay for impressions or just clicks, impressions can be just as important
    as it extends your brand and puts it in front of more people.

Developing ad campaigns can be really easy. However, the more time you spend on it,
the more likely you will get the results that you want. Text-only ads and template graphic ads are a great start, but make sure to extend your brand and that your ad isn’t confused with a competitor. If you are settling for gold, be willing to spend the extra time.

Seen any online ad campaigns that deserve a gold medal? Link to it below or send it to us

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