Worm’s Eye View

Often times a leader of an organization focuses on the big picture, the “bird’s eye view”
of the company. While this is very important, it is also important to consider
the “worm’s eye view.”

Photographers coin the phrase “worm’s eye view” referring to photography
that is at ground level either straight ahead or looking up. No matter how transparent
your organization is, customers and clients simply can’t see the bird’s eye view and are often seeing things from ground level.

Note: Don’t treat your customers like they are worms.

So when you communicate with current and future customers, it is going to be different than communicating internally. Some things to consider:

  • Be transparent
    Some information truly is confidential and private. Everything else needs to be in the open. Rather than keeping your dirty laundry from being found, just keep clean laundry.
  • Be professional, but relational
    An “About Us” page should focus on the personality and culture of the company, not so much on business history. Tweet the “human element,” not advertisements. In retail, a genuine “How are you?” or “Have a nice day” or even a smile can do wonders.
    In service-based companies, get to know your clients.
  • Limit messaging
    You may have unlimited email, text, and minutes, but that doesn’t mean use them.
    The more messages that go out, the more likely things are to get confusing.
    Instead, focus on just a few messages and then tweak and tailor them
    to different channels (i.e. email, Facebook, billboards).
  • Welcome Feedback
    Always welcome feedback and comments, and figure out how to facilitate this across all forms of media. Focus more on media that is trackable and less on media that isn’t.
    Essentially, less print, more digital. Don’t forget to also implement necessary changes
    to communicate better.

This is the third part of the four part series Focus. Check out tomorrow’s final post,
In the Public Eye.

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