Sharpening the Lens

Whether you call them staff, volunteers, employees, or representatives, your brand can’t go anywhere without them. Customers, clients, and the greater community see your company through the lens of the workers. And employees see the company through the lens
of watching you.

So in order to bring the brand into focus, it has to start with you and your staff.
Here are some things to consider:

  1. Journal
    If you don’t already, start journaling, privately. Put your thoughts on paper or log them
    into your computer. Most importantly, journal your dream of where you want the company
    to go and your thoughts on how to reach it. But this isn’t a business plan, it is just free
    flowing thoughts.
  2. Simplify
    Now, take your journal and figure out what other people in the company need to know.
    Don’t ever hide anything from your staff, but don’t overwhelm them either. In fact, take these concepts and simplify them into 5-10 minute chunks. Make sure it isn’t confusing
    by bouncing it off your inner circle.
  3. Communicate
    Now send the message, either through a memo, email, staff meeting, or in person.
  4. Seek Feedback
    However you communicate it initially, always go back and meet
    with each person face-to-face. If you think their up for it, have members of your inner circle do some of the legwork. But see how people respond to your idea, both positive
    and negative. Encourage honesty and be open to negative feedback.
  5. Journal
    Respond to the feedback and determine your approach via the journal. Then start the process again, this time communicating even more effectively.

This is the second part of the four part series Focus. Check out tomorrow’s post,
Worm’s Eye View.

What have you found to be the most effective way to communicate with your staff?
How do you journal? Let us know in the comments below.

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