Settling for Gold

When running the race of entrepreneurship, don’t settle for the top ten. Don’t even settle for silver; settle for gold. And as the Olympics in London start this Friday, we are going
to focus on just what it means to have a company that earns a gold medal.

When running a small business, we are usually short on cash. We can’t afford to hire a huge staff, and we end up do a lot of the work ourselves. Fortunately, there are many
do-it-yourself software applications or services available.

Unfortunately, there are many do-it-yourself software applications or services available. These type of services are never as good as hiring dedicated staff to do the job.
Sometimes it can be really close, and sometimes it doesn’t matter.

And sometimes it does matter. A few areas we strongly recommend you don’t do yourself:

  • Accounting
    Unless you are an accountant, you need an accountant or bookkeeper, and the computer
    or software application doesn’t count. While there is great bookkeeping software out there
    to do basic tasks, at the minimum, the finances still need to be reviewed by an accountant. Make a mistake, and it will cost you, literally.
  • Legal arena
    With the internet, many companies have popped up that offer access to the very same forms that attorneys use. They help individuals and businesses quickly and easily put together legal documents including wills, incorporating documents, and contracts. But every person
    and every business is unique, and so a form is not going to cover everything. Have an attorney review your documents, otherwise you will find yourself paying far more in a lawsuit
    in the future.
  • Branding
    The internet has ushered in global printing companies that offer high-quality, professional printing services along with easy-to-use, professional templates. At Star Verte LLC,
    we celebrate the low cost and great quality that is available to small businesses out there.
    But a company’s brand doesn’t fit inside a template.

Ultimately, it’s about control. We believe that the entrepreneur needs all the control they can get if they are going to be golden. Some software solutions and services offer entrepreneurs more control over their business, while others actually take control away.

Tomorrow, we will look deeper at the value of a brand in an award-winning company.

What do you think makes a business cross the line between silver and gold? Tell us below.

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