In the Public Eye

At one time, there were six degrees of separation, meaning that, in theory, everyone is connected to everyone else in the world through six or less connections. With social media, some contend that this number is even smaller.

The important thing is to leverage this by continuing to play an active role in the community. These degrees of separation can do great things for your business, positive or negative.

If someone isn’t happy with something you said or did, being closely interlinked
to other customers and future customers can kill your business.

By the same token, if someone hears something great about your company,
it can greatly expand your customer base. Here are some things to think about
when you are in the public eye.

  • Reach out to the community
    Take a day off from work and take your company to volunteer
    with a local nonprofit organization. Get your hands dirty, while also getting to know
    the people and culture of the community better.
  • Stay informed
    Read or watch the local news, and know what is going on. Tailor your messages and services to current events.
  • Be active in the community
    Getting involved with the local chamber of commerce and leads groups are great,
    but also take a hike or go biking. Figure out what the community likes to do and how they like to spend their money, while developing relationships with neighbors.
  • Be transparent
    Back at the office, make sure that you are always open and honest.
    Don’t hide your dirty laundry, take it to the cleaners.
  • Network, physically and online
    Develop deeper connections and form new ones using online tools
    like Facebook and LinkedIn, but also in person when walking the streets or at the local chamber of commerce.

This is the final part of the four part series Focus.

How do you like to get to know your community? How do you spend your weekends?
We want to know.

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