Experience Design: It just works

At Star Verte LLC, we believe that the “Web 2.0” and “responsive design” trends were steps in the right direction, but failed to see the bigger picture. While we live in
the “information age” and the internet has libraries of information, it’s purpose is different and is still being defined.

An encyclopedia doesn’t exist just to exist, they were created for a purpose.
However, a novel, although similar to an encyclopedia, has a completely different purpose. By the same token, every website has its own purpose. Any company or trend claiming
to define the purpose of someone else’s website or the internet is lying.

We don’t claim to know the purpose of your website, but we can help you come up
with the answer if you would like our help. It’s still ultimately your decision.

So our focus isn’t on the purpose. Our focus is on reaching the purpose, building a site
that stands out, and ultimately by creating an amazing user experience. We want visitors
of your website to experience design.

This may include social media or social media concepts. Or maybe not. This may include building a mobile site. Or maybe not. But no matter what, we keep the visitor at the forefront of the operation, making it appealing and easy-to-use.

If the user experience fails, a visitor will stop coming back, and will also tell others about
the problems they have. Thus, we must ensure the best experience, which includes
the quality and visual appeal. Are visitors to your website experiencing design?

This post is final part of the four-part series Experience Design.

We would love to hear how visitors of your website are experiencing design. We also want to know if you have been to a website where you couldn’t experience the design.
Please leave your comments below.

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