Award Winning Print Media

When running the race of entrepreneurship, don’t settle for the top ten. Don’t even settle for silver; settle for gold. And in lieu of the Olympics in London, we are going
to focus on just what it means to have a company that earns a gold medal.

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of control when it comes to having a company
that earns a gold medal. When it comes to print media, consistency is key.

When developing your brand for print media, define your:

  • Voice
    An organization’s name, tagline, and editorial style add up to an important reflection
    of the brand’s voice. Whether it is slick, direct, friendly, or professional, make it different
    so that it stands out.
  • Imagery
    Once you have developed a logo, look at common themes, graphics, and photography
    that complement the logo and content in media. Develop some continuity and meaning behind your selections.
  • Color
    Again drawing from the logo, develop a color palette or scheme that complements the logo, imagery, and content in media. Be flexible, but always go back to these colors.

A brand is a promise. When something is inconsistent, that promise is broken.
What is your company’s promise?

Particularly in print media, it is important to be consistent with color choices and the printing quality. Avoid black and white for media being distributed. Use high-quality paper and know how to use bleed and other printing elements. Choose an excellent, professional
printing service.

When it comes to branding and print media, never utter the words “close enough.”
Unless you want to settle for less than gold.

Seen any print media that deserves a gold medal? Link to it below or send it to us

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