Project Sparks: What’s next for content management

Content Management is key for any website, which allows the healthiest relationship between a website developer and a website content curator. Currently, Star Verte LLC pushes building sites on WordPress, which is a robust content management system that has a sleek, user-friendly interface. Unfortunately, while it is a great foundation, it doesn’t have it all.

Several of our clients have been asking for features to add to their website, and we have either had to duct-tape something together or spend lots of time creating a custom solution. While we feel that every client deserves a custom website, the functions behind various websites are actually more similar. Think of websites as entrées on a menu. Many of the entrées include tomato, spices, and other basic ingredients, but that doesn’t mean that all entrées are the same. Nor does it mean that they aren’t each handcrafted by the chef.

Well here at Star Verte LLC, we have clients asking for chicken in their meal and a side of honey mustard, and we’re realizing we are fresh out. But we don’t want to go to the store for one client, we would rather spend time developing a solution that can then be leveraged for several of our clients.

So food analogies aside, we have some work to do, and we are calling it Project Sparks, and we will be updating you along the way. In fact, we will even be asking for help in testing the code for bugs and such if that is your talent.

If you would like some savory food to chew on while you are waiting, we recommend checking out Cafe de Bangkok located in Fort Collins, Colorado at 1232 W Elizabeth.

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