A level playing field

With election-year amping up, people get intoxicated with the drug of politics. But let’s look at things through a little different lens. Today, people have more power than a government could ever dream of trying to have.

It’s easy to get caught up in the political warfare from the sidelines, and forget that we are actually on the playing field. Big companies have no power unless someone decides to buy their product or service. Government representatives have no power unless someone decides to vote for them.

However, before now, we didn’t have much of a choice or even a say into the products, services, and representatives. Our “choices” were what big corporations and the political machine threw our way. Before now, it was a difficult task to start a business unless you had a boatload of cash.

Enter the internet. Our choices went from 2-3 to literally millions. Government representatives are getting feedback faster than ever before… not too long ago they had to rely on polls and election years.

At Star Verte LLC, we challenge you to take control of your life and your country.

  • Vote with your money.
    When you decide what to spend your money on, you are supporting the people behind it. If you don’t agree with the people behind it, spend your money elsewhere. If you really like something, fork over a few dollars instead of downloading an illegal copy.
  • Hold authority accountable.
    Even if you don’t like what a business or government official is doing, stop whining. Instead, take action and hold others accountable to do the same.
  • Quit your day job.
    If you dread going to work, don’t go. If you have a great idea, or if you know someone who does, get involved. Start a business, partner with others, and get out there. The best financing is sales, and you don’t need a storefront anymore.

We gave big corporations and the government its power, and we can take it away if we need to.

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