Custom Post Types

In some of my blog entries, you may see me refer to “custom post types” and not really know what I mean. Let me explain.

 Blogging to CMS

When WordPress came out, it was built mainly for blogging. This meant that everything that drove WordPress came from “posts” which were articles of information that appeared in a blogroll.

Then individuals and companies started using WordPress to build their site on. “Posts” didn’t make sense for everything. So, “Pages” were built into the core. The distinction is this:

  • “Posts” are time-sensitive pieces of information that often appear in a blogroll and  are in reverse order by date
  • “Pages” are posts that are not time-sensitive and could be ordered by a numerical or alphabetical system.

Embedded in the core was the ability to create custom post types, although it was not intuitive and many people did use it.

This has changed in the past couple of years, as more WordPress users are driving it as a content management system instead of just for blogs. Custom post types are an excellentway to categorize different purposes of a site.

As we move forward with designing sites for our clients, we are going to keep “Posts” for blog posts, “Pages” for static informational pages, and employ custom post types that are customized to the particular site.

 Custom Post Type Themes

  • Cafe de Bangkok needed to display their menu items, and so we created a new post type for these. This allows them to fine-tune edit each item, instead of using Pages somehow.
  • Earth’s Own Jewelry needed to display jewelry items in their store, and so we created a new post type for these.
  • LifePointe Church of Fort Collins needed to display staff profiles and sermon archives; we added two new post types to handle these.

In a theme that has custom post types, a new menu item on the admin edit menu will appear. The editing screen is very similar to the “Posts” editing screen. However, most likely there are extra fields that are specific to the site, that we cannot detail here.

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